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Acton, Lynn
Lynn has been certified for 20 years by CHA to teach
advanced English and Intermediate Western riding. 
She has ridden hunt seat, dressage and western
(trail riding, trail trials).

Bail Out 
Better Part of Valor 
Beyond Instinct 
Brandy The Velcro Pony 
Business of Training 
Can This Partnership Be Saved 
Catch Me if You Can
Dear Sapphire
Do Horses See What We See 
Does It Really Matter 
Food for Thought 
Good Horses 
Horse People Who Do Not Ride 
In Praise of the Mere Trail Horse 
Making of a Horse Kid 
Muzzles Freedom or Torture 
Sue Harris presentation 
The ABCs of Good Riding 
The Better We Listen 
The Case of the Lazy Horse 
The Wayward Recycle Bin and Other Adventures 
Thinking Horse 
Two Minute Lessons 
Unmanaging Pastures 
What Did That Accomplish 
When Horses Train Themselves 
Why I Ride A Small Horse  
Slate, Gary
Gary operates a small farm in Baldwinsville NY, where he
and his wife, Sharon, keep riding and driving horses.

Do the Firemen Need a Fire Before They Come to Your Barn?

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